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Frequently Asked Questions

It's natural to have lots of questions before embarking on your Doula experience. If you can't find the answer to your query below, feel free to reach out to me at the contact button above, or email me at

What are your qualifications and training background?

I have three children, and have experienced three different births,  post natal periods, and feeding journeys. I am certified though Nurturing Birth, and I am a mentored doula with Doula uk. I have completed training in Paediatric First Aid, the infant microbiome and perinatal mental health and birth trauma. 

I also have experience supporting others with epilepsy and diabetes, and I have an intermediate understanding of Makaton and British Sign Language.

When do you require payment from me?

Once we've had our introductory meeting to discuss your needs, we'll devise a bespoke plan for your pregnancy, birth and postnatal care. When everything is agreed, a deposit will be due to secure my service. 

In some cases we will be able to create a personalised  payment schedule.

What sort of births do you support?

Whatever birthing experience you desire, I will support you- whether it's at home, in hospital or in a birthing centre.

I do not replace the role of medical professionals but will work alongside them to support you and your family's needs.

What will my partner's role be if I use a doula?

My role is to support both you and your partner. I will support your partner in comforting you, and we will work as a team to ensure everyone is cared for and respected. I am not looking to replace your partner in any way; in fact, many partners cite a doula's input as crucial to their  own birth experience.

If you still have concerns, bring your partner to our initial consultation.

What can't a doula do?

It is just as important to know what we can do!

We can't make decisions for you.

We do not take over the role of a birth partner if you already have one. 

We do not replace the role of a medical professional.

Can a doula support a C-Section

Hospital policies and how everything unfolds during the birth may impact the doula's role. However, they are still able to offer support to both the birthing individual and partner.

Prior to the C-Section they can help you to understand the process, and give you tools and information to make informed decisions about your care.


They will offer emotional and pysical support if your partner needs to go with your baby, and stay with you until you are settled.

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